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ZOO GAMES Welcome to the Zoo Games! Free, fun and safe online Zoo Games! Here you can play the most popular, most fun and most creative zoo games! Here is the huge number of Zoo games that can be played by both children and adults. If you are bored and want to kill some time with a quality, fun and challenging Zoo game then you are at the right place! All zoo games you see here are completely free and safe, with no installation or registration just click with your mouse on the desired game and the game will start immediately, you can play our zoo games 24/7, as long as you want and like. If you are a lover of animals and zoo then you will definitely like these Zoo games, you've got a lot of types of zoo games and each is specific in its own way. In Zoo games is a lot of animals that need your help, you need to feed them, walk them, to play with them, and much, much more, some of the animals that you will see in these games are monkeys, crocodiles, horses, parrots, various species of birds , hippos, giraffes, elephants, snakes, orangutans, goats, sheep, sharks, various species of fish, tigers, bears, lions, zebras, cougars and lots of other animals! Enter this animal kingdom and try each of these online zoo games and have fun like never before, get the best score, collect points, complete tasks, build your own Zoo to your liking, make business, put as many animals in your Zoo, use your imagination and enjoy playing this fabulous online Zoo games! These games are safe for both children and adults where you can find complete online entertainment for free. Zoo games are designed for all ages, children and adults, animal lovers will definitely love this games. If you want to know which are most played games on the site, go to the "Most played games" on top menu and if you want to know which games have highest rate, then go to "Highest Rated" also on top menu, there you can see all the categories of games and thus find the kind of games that you want, or that suits you. All the best Zoo games are in this very place, and each Zoo game features excellent graphics, music and sound effects. Stay with us and support us so we can provide you as many good online Zoo games in future! This is the perfect place for you to kill time and to relax. If you have too much free time or looking for some high quality and creative games to play, then the zoo Games is right place for you! Invite your friends, play together, compete with each other and enjoy this amazing Zoo online games! Here you can play Zoo games that have highest rate by a players from all around the world. All Zoo game in this place has the best graphics quality, sound, gameplay, sound effects and many other performances. Each Zoo game you see here is absolutely free online game that will provide you with all the necessary entertainment and brighten your day. Try any of the listed online zoo games and let your day begin with fun. Make and build your own circus, build your zoo, spread out, decorate and much much more awaits you on this site with online Zoo games. Support us and we will continue to upload the best and most fun Zoo game for you! Want to know what's the most played games on this site? Then you are at right place because here are zoo and other online games that have been most played by players who visit our site. Most played games guarantee you great entertainment, fantastic fun, awesome graphics and other performance. As in other parts of the site of the most played games are completely free and safe online games to play that are intended for everyone, both children and adults. Support us in order to provide you in the future with better, more fun and awesome online most played games. We wish you a lot of good fun!
MICO MACO In the zoo was time to feed the little monkey, you are that little monkey, whose task is to eat watermelon and bananas that you guard throws you from the fence, the more bananas you eat the more points you win. Avoid hot peppers because they made you lose points, do not eat hot peppers. Watermelons allow you to become big for a short period of time and thus eat more bananas. Each fruit brings you a certain number of points so make sure to eat more and thus get maximum points! We wish you good luck and good fun! Have fun playing this zoo game!
ALPHA ZOO In this zoo game from you are required basic knowledge of the English language and the English alphabet. Your task is to attach an image of certain animals with the first letters of the name of that animal, for example, for horse you need to find the letter H, for the unicorn is necessary to find the letter U, and so on. The game is very creative and exciting, you gonna love this game, especially children and fans of zoo games. You are looking at a lot of animals that are need to find the first letter, show how smart and good at this game you are. This zoo game is not so difficult to play if you know how english alphabet and the names of certain animals. Test your knowledge! We wish you good luck and good fun!
Baby Zoo Daycare Game If you've ever wanted to have a critters as a pet then this is the right opportunity for you! Your job in this zoo game is not hard, you must put incoming critters into a cradle, once the cradle appears in the bubble over the critter's head and when it's hungry put them in the chair and give them food. when they need a diaper change put them on the changing table and change them diaper, it is easy, grab diaper and drag it on the animal. If animal want to play put them on the carpet give them a toy and wait to them to be happy!
Circus Maximus Game Your task in this fantastic zoo game is to transport a variety of animals from the zoo to the circus, you will transporting, elephants, horses, tigers, lions, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, rhinos, snakes and many other domestic and wild animals from the zoo. But be careful while driving because animals can fall out of your truck and if they fall it's game over for you so it's very important for you and animals to drive carefully. At the beginning you must drag the animals in the truck and then slowly go to the circus when you are close to the circus slow down and wait for the animals to unload of your truck. Drag and place the zoo container on the truck to transport animals to circus.
Cute Zoo Colouring Game If you love the zoo and all the animals that are there then you will love this game of drawing and painting. Your task is to color various animals with different colors, you can paint them in your way or the way it should, every animal has its own color of skin, fur or feathers and it is up to you to find the right color for each animal, before you have a variety of colors that can be used in coloring these cute animals, it's enough to click the mouse on the desired color and repeat the same to the place where you want to apply color and so you continue until you paint the entire picture, after that you can even print the picture in order to save it. We wish you a lot of fun at the zoo game!
Emma - A Day at the Zoo Game Help Ema to find differences in 2 pictures. In front of you is another part of this fantastic zoo game. Your task is to find differences on two identical pictures in order to move to the next level. You need to concentrate well and find all the differences that are in the picture, be careful and try not to make a mistake. Study the images to find the differences, extra points will be awarded if you're quick! The image you see is a picture of the animals in zoo, scan an image and when you find the difference press the mouse button on them and move on. This game is a great game observation is very entertaining. Have fun!
HIDDEN OBJECTS - ZOO Your task is simple, in front of you is a picture of animal from the zoo and below that picture is the animals that are hidden in that picture and you have to find them as soon as possible. Try and use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in the Zoo picture. Find the hidden object in a shortest period of time to get high score. Don't forget to avoid clicking wrongly as otherwise you will lose 20 seconds in given time duration. We wish you great adventure in this zoo game!
ZOO TRUCK You are a zoo truck driver and your job is to transport boxes from one place to another, that means that you do need to initially wait to load your truck with the boxes and then when the light turns green you go, and after that comes the hard part and it is careful driving because there are many holes and obstacles on your way to the finish line and boxes can very easily fall out of your truck if you drive fast, so pay attention to how you drive, but at the same time pay attention to the time because you are time limited and you must essentially get to the zoo at the time. Wait for the truck to loading to be done and then drive when the green light is on.
ZOO PARKING If you love the zoo and all the animals from the zoo then you will definitely love this zoo game! You are the driver of the zoo and your task will be to drive through zoo and perform everyday tasks, such as to find and attach the trailer to your truck, then you need to load some of animals in the trailer and drove them to a specific location in the zoo, but note that you have to drive very carefully and not to injure the animal by transportation, and pay attention to the time because you are limited in time and you have to drive fast because visitors will soon come and you have to do your assignment on time. We wish you good luck and good fun playing this zoo game!
ZOO TRANSPORT On the start of the level check the needed number of crates to transport. If crate falls, it goes back to the loading zone, you can restart level whenever you want. Your task is to transport the crates to the next zoo. Turtle don’t like when you drive fast so when you drive a turtle in your truck then you must drive slow to the finish. Load up your truck with your mouse, carefully move and drive to the next zoo in order to move to the next level, watch your crates that do not fall out of your truck or it’s game over for you. Before you a lot of levels and a lot of challenges, we wish you good luck and good adventure!
ZOO FUN If you like to build in this case the zoo then you will definitely love this game! Build shops around the zoo to get as much profit from the visitor. Build and expand your zoo make one of the most beautiful zoos in the world, you've got a lot of buildings that you can build, build a place for every animal in the zoo so that visitors were delighted. This game is very creative, exciting and fun you'll love everyone, especially the fans of zoo game and the fans of building games. Your task is to build your very own zoo! Start by creating paths with the path tool, the path tool can be found here inside the tools menu. We wish you lots of fun.
ZOO RACER This zoo race game you can play in 3 mod: Single Race, Cup Series or Time trial the choice is yours. Your task is to overtake all other animals and get to the finish line first. Here is the 8 levels, 8 lines and 8 challenges, try to be first in all the tracks! Point the cursor where you want to drive! Move the cursor over the kart to brake. Try to collect powerups and speed boosts by driving over them. Mud and grass are skiddy and slow you down so be carefull! Win cups to unlock new tracks and drivers! We wish you good luck and good fun.
ZOO BUDDIES Are you ready for a game of memory? If you are then you are at right place because this is the right zoo game for your! Your only task is to find two of the same animal, and so on until you find every animal their zoo buddie. This game requires you to have a good memory, which means that you have to remember which is which and found their animal pair, be fast because you are limited in time. You are looking at a lot of levels, every next level will be more difficult and more complicated than the previous one so try good and find all zoo animals buddie! Have fun!
ZOO MATCH In front of you is another fantastic zoo game! Your task in this zoo game is to find two same animals and so on. In front of you is one of the most popular, most played and most exciting zoo games on the internet!As more of the same animals you find a greater number of points you will win. The aim of the game is to destroy all cubes with zoo animals. Now, pay attention and concentrate well as concentration and observation is the key to this zoo game, you can play this game in 3 modes: Tradition is the traditional box mode, Finale is a graphical mode, Pattern is a new contraction pattern. We wish you great fun and good adventure!
GIRAFFE ZOO Take care and nurture this giraffe, keep it clean, fed and happy it is your only job in this exciting zoo game. Your task in this zoo game is to take care of giraffe, it's very interesting, Help giraffe to pick up apples but watch out, don't let giraffe's body to touch the trees. Cover your giraffe with foam by holding the left button of the mouse, save the foam. Then brush giraffe skin find and touch the circles until they'll disappear. Take care of your giraffe feed is, wash it, scrub it play with it and enjoy playing this game zoo!
ZOO CARING Your task in this game is to manage the zoo by directing the visitors to the right animal. Each level has a specific target score that you have to reach in a limited time so be fast. You must place them on the market area in front of each cage. If you drop them to the ice cream corner that give them more tolerance so that can wait longer for your guidance before leaving. Feed the animals and save them water or you can lose them, you can buy in market more animals for your zoo. We wish you fun and good adventure playing this zoo game!
ZOO-PREME ACCURACY Are you ready for adventure? In front of you is a big challenge, you have to stop the frenzied animals, be brave and persistent in this challenging task. Sasquatch used his evil roar to turn all animals in the city zoo into his minions and now they are on the rampage. In order to stop them before they stomp everything you gotta soak'em and Sasquatch himself with the Zoo-tralizing solution in Truman's Slime Cannon! You can buy and upgrade your weapons in the shop. Don't forget to upgrade your Slime Cannon when you return to the lab to make it more stronger.
DIEGO BABY ZOO RESCUE Help animals who were kidnapped by Indians to return to their zoo, be persistent and find them all, just when you find all of the animals you will be able to move to the next level, find them all, and be sure to avoid the Indians. Don't forget gate will opened after all animals been rescued. Try to avoid indians or they will hurt you. Compass will guide you to find the gate. We wish you good luck and much fun!
ZOO SLACKING GAME Your only job is to have fun at the zoo, but you have to watch out for the guards because they will visit you from time to time, so be careful not to be seen because if you get caught it's the end of fun for you. Help Sara, she is looking forward to her trip to the Zoo. When you see an exclamation mark on the screen, it is a sign that you need to stop the party until the guard go to another place, and so on. Your job is to help her to have as much fun as possible with the cute animals, but don't get caught! Have fun in this awesome Zoo game!
GAME FUNNY ZOO If you like challenging games and one-on-one game then you will definitely love this zoo game! You are at the zoo and you are very bored so you decided to fire balls with a monkey, monkey accept your challenge. Your task is to win by hit monkey as many times with the ball. First you shoot at monkey and then monkey shoot you and so on until someone wins. Before you throw a ball to monkey you must set the strenght and then hit the monkey and make sure that you less miss. Do not let Monkey beat you prove you're better than monkeys! Beat the monkey and Dominate the zoo in this challenging game!
ZOO ANIMALS DIFFERENCES In front of you is another exciting zoo game! In this zoo game your task is to see and find the difference in this 2 identical Zoo images. These two images at a glance you will see animals from the zoo, but if you look closely you will see that these images are not exactly the same, and that in them some of the details are different and it's up to you to find that details. When you find the difference in picture just press on them with mouse button. Show how observant you are and enjoy playing this exciting game zoo! Have fun!
ZOO COLORING GAME If you like the zoo, the animals and coloring then you at right place because this is the right game for you! Your task is simple, paint and color all the animals in the picture with colors that need, every animal has a certain skin color, hair and feathers and you should be know that while you paint, or color them in the way you want to, you've got a lot of various colors that you can use while you paint the zoo animals. Use your imagination to experiment with colors and draw them however you want. Enjoy playing this superb zoo game!
ZOO ESCAPE Help animals from the zoo to escape and return to their homes, to do that you need to avoid people and zoo keepers, you have to create a strategy for each level because every next level will be more difficult than the previous. Your task is to help Milton to escape from the zoo and reunite with his long lost love! You must be careful and avoid the zoo keepers and other humans. You must time your moves and at times follow certain characters to safely sneak out of the room. In some levels you need to do something to distract one of the humans.
ZOO VOLLEY Some animals have escaped from the zoo and went to the beach, they decided to play volleyball, your task is to defeat your opponent, so do your best! Aim of the game is to win in volleyball match between you and computer opponent. You will control your zoo animal using a mouse or keyboard the choice is yours. Control your animal position on the playing court to be able to return the ball to the opponent. Aim carefully or the ball will be grounded and that will be game over for you.
ZOO DODGEM Are you ready for a race at the zoo with the zoo animals? If you are then you are at right place because this is definitely the right zoo game for you! Your task is to overtake your opponents and reach the finish line first, on the way to the finish line will be a lot of obstacles that you need to successfully and quickly jump to reach it first and won first place! This is a game that you can play with two players, which means that you can play with your friends and compete with each other. Choose your driver and go in this crazy race at the zoo!
HIDDEN NUMBERS ZOO In front of you is a picture of a lot of different animals, crocodiles, zebras, horses, elephants, lizards, birds, tigers, lions, monkeys, snakes and other wild animals from zoo. Among them are hidden 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 numbers, the numbers are hidden very well so that you can't see them right away, but you have to look hard at the picture and use a magnifying glass that you have when you start the game. Test your skills and see whether you can find all 10 hidden numbers among these zoo animals.
BRAIN POWER - ZOO Here you need to have excellent memory capacity, which means that you must remember images and then to mark where all the pictures are. Every next level will be more difficult, complicated and demanding than the previous one because of that be ready for the challenge and test your limits and how much you are willing to come or to even win this good zoo memory game. Your job in this awesome zoo game is simple, you must memorize the animals arranged order from left to right and click on the animal in same order without making a single mistake , so be careful because if you misapply a click you will lose a game. We wish you good luck and good fun!
BABY EMMA ZOO ADVENTURE Dress up the little girl Emma for the zoo. Put on and take whatever she wants, you will see on the screen above Emma's head an object that is a sign that you need to find it and put it where she want, when you find all that she needs you can dress her up and go to the zoo, there Emma will want to have good fun with animals, eating ice cream to feed the animals and much much more, help her to have a good time at the zoo, the best time at the zoo! The game was very exciting, fun and challenging, everyone will like it, especially the girls and zoo lovers games. Make happy little Emma and have fun!
ZOO SPEED PUZZLE welcome to another zoo game! In this game your task will be to assemble the puzzle, you will get pieces of the puzzle and you will need to put every piece where it belongs in order to get the whole picture of the animals and go to the next stage. You are looking at a lot of levels, which means that you'll agree more then one puzzle, each following puzzle will be more complicated and difficult than the previous so do your best and try to put them all together and put every part of the puzzle in the place where it belongs in order to get the whole picture. This game is very exciting and fun, everyone will love. We wish you good luck in assembling this zoo puzzle!
ZOO ESCAPE GAME Animals want to escape from the zoo to the wild where they belong and you must help them in this, to do that you do need to apply different tactics in order to capture each animal. Each level will be specific level, each will be different from the previous one for all you need to have a special tactic. Pay close attention to where the animals are and what you can do before you start playing. This is a creative and exciting zoo game that will appeal to fans of particular zoo games and tactical games. Click the gray stones to make them disappear. We wish you good luck and lots of fun!
DORA AT THE ZOO Have you ever dressed especially for the zoo? If you are then you can help Dora to find the perfect outfit for her trip to the zoo where they will see a variety of animals, from birds to lions, bears, elephants, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys and many other domestic and wild animals... Help Dora to dress for the zoo, change her hairstyle, hair color, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and various types of clothing the choice is up to you, be imaginative and dress up Dora on the way you want and get her ready for the zoo where they will play with all animals. The game is simple and easy, everyone will like it, especially the fans of zoo games. Have a great adventure and lots of fun!
ZOO DECOR Your task in this zoo game is to decorate and to fill empty zoo with various animals, zebras, monkeys, lions, tigers, crocodiles, rhinos, birds and other wildlife and domestic animals. This zoo game is one of the most popular, most played and most exciting zoo games on the internet! Beautify your zoo in the right way and fill it with visitors, children and various decorations to make it the most beautiful zoo. Show how much you are imaginative and sort out the zoo to your liking. Decorate your zoo, beautify it, use your imagination and have fun playing this fantastic zoo game!We wish you a lot of fun playing this game zoo!
ZOO PARK You are the zoo keeper, and your mission except and to keeping the zoo and to gather the animals, tigers, lions, zebras, horses, elephants and many other zoo animals. Your job is also to fix and clean their cage to feed them when they are hungry, and more. Make sure that these animals feel like at home, feed them, wash them, vaccinate them, sleep them do everything in your power to these animals to be happy and to feel like in home. Prove how good you are when it comes to taking care of animals. When you see an animal looking for something give them what they want in order to move to the next level, you play from Monday to Sunday.
Animal Park Decoration Game Are you ready for another adventure in zoo? If you are then you are at right place because this is the game for you! Decorate the animal park in the best possible way to make it one of the most beautiful zoo, use your imagination and do your best to the zoo looks beautiful! Your task is simple, put every part of the zoo where they belongs, you can do it using your mouse, drag parts of zoo back to the place where you think they belong until you assemble the whole picture. The game is very creative and fun, everyone will like it, it is very easy and simple not a lot of hard time for you and it's great for relaxation. Have fun!
ZOO BREAK OUT This is one of the most popular, most played and most exciting zoo games on the internet! The night watchman forgot to lock the gates to the zoo and all animals have escaped! The animals now hiding all over city and your task is to find them and bring them back to zoo. But you must be fast because the visitors start to arrive today! You will get a list of missing animals, items and culprits and because some of the animals are good in hiding you will have 3 hits for help, you will have 5 min to find hiding animals in each round so be fast, don't look for stuff that are not on the list.We wish you good luck and better fun.
THE ANIMAL ZOO Zoo lovers, animal lovers and zoo games fans, welcome to this fantastic, fun and exciting zoo game! Embark on this amazing adventure at the zoo! Your task in this zoo game is to drag and drop visitors onto the attractions they want to see. Your task also is to keep your visitors happy or they will leave and that is not good in this zoo game. In order to finish a level you must complete the required number of goals before time runs out. Make quick chains of actions to maximize combo points, the fuller the heart is the more points you earn. Have a great adventure and lots of fun in this amazing zoo game!
ZOO DISORDER GAME In front of you is one of the most popular, most played and most exciting zoo games on the internet!If you love the zoo game than you are in the right place because this is the right game for you! Your task in this game is to put everything in place before you is is a picture of zoo but it's not all right, some things are not in place and it's up to you to find them and place where it should be. This game is very exciting and challenging everyone will like it, especially the fans zoo games and players who like to deal with things like this in games. We wish you good luck and good fun
ANIMAL RESCUE ZOO In front of you is another exciting zoo game! Your task in this game is zoo, you are responsible to place the animals in the zoo, the helicopter will descend animals and your task will be to put them in a cage and vaccinated animals, how to vaccinated, you will waiting to appear yellow dots, where the yellow dots appears there you must give vaccinate to animal, and so on, and make sure that everything you do you do very quickly and efficiently in order to win as many points. This game is very challenging but very exciting and fun!We wish you good luck and great fun at this zoo game!
ZOO KEEPER This game requires from you attention and concentration. Your task is to connect the three animals of the same species or more in order to earn points and advance in the game. You are looking at various zoo animals, rhino, lion, tiger, snake, birds, crocodiles, sharks and many other animals. Your task is to help with Mise connect as many of the same animal, at least three to make you move to the next level. The game is very creative, thrilling and a great choice after a hard day at work or school. Sit down relax and enjoy this zoo game!