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Zombie Games

About Tequila

Tequila Zombies Games are survivor based games in which your task is to survive zombie attack that will be in waves and every next wave of zombies will be harder to kill. If you like challenging games where you can use melee weapons like Machete, Baseball bat, Guns and many others then you will like these Zombies Games who also have amazing storyline based on 3 characters. In first game you start your adventure with one character, in the second part you met the new female character and in the final part of Tequila game you will met 3 and final character and you will have the possibility to change the character with which you want to play in any level. Great storyline, fantastic characters, lots of weapons and your only mission is to survive and kill as much zombies and other creatures as possible. Try each and everyone of these Zombie Games because you will be delight with graphic and the effect of these games and many many other things. All Tequila Games are free to play online games that you can play without installation or registration.

How To Play TZ Games

Machete, Baseball Bat, lots of guns is they way that you kill the zombies. Zombies will attack you in waves, every level have 10 waves and every next wave is harder than the previous one so it is very important that in late game you have good aim and to be fast with the trigger and always aim in the zombie head because in that way you can kill zombies almost immediately. From time to time when you kill zombie a energy booster, ammo and money will spawn, take the money so you can upgrade and improve your weapons or buy the new and stronger one. During the game you will unlock some new weapons that are very powerful. You can also in some chapters of Zombies Games use special powers but you need to use them only when you are in tuff situation. Aim in all Tequilas is to survive, to be fast to aim good and don't allow zombies to come too close to you, collect everything and move don't stay in one place for too long. All Games are challenging games and you can play them with your friend and compete with each other on who can survive longer and kill the most zombies.

Conclusion for TZ games

Lots of weapons, lot's of zombies and other creatures that you need to kill, and you can kill them in many different ways, lot's of challenges that awaits you in this Tequila Zombies Games. Awesome action surviving games that will fill your day with fun and you will love the main story of this game that is incredible. Also if you are gamer that love good details and awesome effect of weapons and surrounding than you this is the place for you. Enjoy playing this awesome Games!