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Wolf Games

THE BLACK WOLF WANTS SHEEP Are you ready to chase sheeps? If you are then this is the adventure for you! You are an evil black wolf and your mission in each level is to catch a sheep, in order to catch the sheep that running away from you you need to cross various obstacles, avoid the cops on bikes, or jump on them in order to bring them down from their bikes and collect red bottle, they give you energy, avoid enemies or jump on them, avoid and bypass a variety of obstacles and pitfalls that will be on your way, and when you reach the end of the level there is a sheep that you need to capture, then you go to the next level, which is more difficult and more complicated than the previous one. Enjoy this adventure!
RABBIT LOVE WOLF You are a rabbit and your task is to use tactic and move wolf in a trap, that is your job in order to move to the next level, that task will be the same in all level but only more difficult. Duped, and pulled the wolf in a trap. Before you is the 20 level, which means that a lot of challenges in front of you, each next level is harder and more complicated than the previous one so be persistent and careful. Once there was a rabbit, it fell in love with a wolf. But we all know wolves are eating rabbit. So rabbit must think of ways to caged wolf. Can you success? Have fun! WOLF CUB Bathe, clean and get ready your wolf for Halloween! Your task is to help Wolf Cub to get away from the dangerous woods! Hold the left mouse button to make him go and be careful and don't touch the spiders when they are down. Soap your wolf, click on the red button many times in order to soap your wolf. Tonight we are going to celebrate Halloween! But in order to do that first we should to take care of the cute little wolf cub in the woods! We wish you great fun and good adventure in this awesome wolf game!
WOLF CATCH SHEEP You are a big bloodthirsty wolf and your children are hungry and want to eat a certain amount of sheep meat, you are their mother and you have to catch that sheep meat for them! your task will be to catch 20 Kg sheep meat before sunset. Your task in each level will be to catch a certain amount of sheep meat to feed your children, but you have to be fast because when dark fall and you do not catch a certain amount of meat that is the game over for you,  get as many sheep and feed your little hungry kiddies. We wish you good luck and great fun!
HINTING WOLF LEGEND Are you ready for an adventure in the air? If you are then this is the game for you! Your task is to shoot as many wolves as you can in order to win more points, avoid the collision with the wolves and avoid their bullets because they can hurt you. Red Wolf brings you 20 points if you shot him, every wolf brings you a certain number of points, some need a little more time to shoot to get them killed, avoid the birds they can hurt you to, you're limited with time so be fast and careful at the same time. This game is very challenging, exciting and creative, everyone will love, especially fans of wolf games. Enjoy playing this fantastic wolf game!
WOLF, SHEEP AND CABBAGE This is a real brain teaser for you, in this game you need to have a good focus and to find the right way to solve the problem. Your task is to move from the coast a wolf, sheep, cabbage and a man on the other side of the coast, but be careful, if wolf see that man is not around he will automatically eat the sheep if the sheep is alone she will run away and in both cases you will lose the game because of that it is important to consider carefully how you will all of them safely and securely transferred to the other side of the coast. This game is very challenging and creative, everyone will love. Watch out when the man is not around, the wolf will eat the sheep, and the sheep will eat the cabbage. We wish you lot of luck and fun in this game!
DRACULAURA AND CLAWD WOLF DRESSUP If you love to dress up, then this is the place for you and a great selection of game for you! Your task is to dress up a wolf and Dracula in whatever way you want, you've got a huge selection of clothing, shoes, jewelry, jackets, shoes, earring, glasses, hair, jeans, sneakers, shoes, skirts and more. Dress up the wolves and Dracula for a birthday, cinema, for going out, theater, swimming pool, beach and much more. Enjoy playing and dressing up a Wolf and Dracula. This game is very fun, creative and one of the best wolf games. we wish you a lot of fun!
SPACE WOLF 3000 Your war spaceship is named after the bloodthirsty, strong, fast and fearless animal called a wolf! Your task is to destroy your enemies, avoid asteroids and more. Be careful you have only 5 ships for the entirety of your missions. When they run out you will lose all progress and go from the beginning of the game. Try to collect as many Space Credits as you can, in some missions you can use Space credits to buy, upgrade and improve your ship to be better, faster and stronger. Destroying asteroids may cause valuable Power-ups and health pickups to spawn. You can activate power-ups by using Shift key. Have fun!
LAZY GOAT AND BIG BIG WOLF SOCCER WAR Avoid and watch out for Big Bad Wolf, don't allow him to take a ball! Try to pick up the energy in order to speed up and avoid the rest because they will slow lazy goat down. You are a sheep and your mission is to not let the big bad wolf to come to a football ball, which means that you must be consistently faster than him and if he overtake you and kick the ball before you, it's game over for you, avoid obstacles that may slow you down, skip and jump some obstacles and be very fast, attentive and patient and outwit and defeat the big bad wolf! Enjoy the cheerful music in the background while you playing this creative, fun and addictive game! Prove that you are faster than the wolf and not let him get to the ball, enjoy playing this fun game!
WOLF N SWINE In this game you have the opportunity to launch a wolf in the sky and to hit him with a baseball bat, throw away the wolf and bigger number of points you can win. First you pick up wolf using your mouse, then you hold down mouse button to increase power after that you release mouse button to hurl wolf into air then you click mouse button again to swing bat and send wolf into the forest. After all that click and hold mouse button to control rocket jetpack while in air. You can pick objects along your way that will aid or hinder your adventure.
WOLF DRESS UP In this Wolf game your task is to dress up the wolf in the way you want! If you love the dress up games and wolf games then you are at right place because this is the right game for you! Dress up your wolf for the beach, to go out, for movies, for restaurants, for birthday and much more! In front of you is a huge selection of clothing, shoes and jewelry, T-shirts, hats, jackets, sunglasses, shorts and shoes of various kinds, and much much more!  Show how much you are imaginative and dress up the wolf to your taste!
ELVIS WOLF You're a popular singer Elvis the Wolf and your task is to collect all the gifts that your audience throws to you! Collect as many items as soon as the time running out in order to win as many points. Pay attention on time because you are limited with time, which means that you have to be very fast, accurate and patient in order to always catch all the items that you audience throws to you. Each item brings you a certain number of points, some gift will give you extra time. Click to catch coins and treasures and click again to throw them in the treasure box. Do your best and prove that you are the right rock and roll star, help Wolf Elvis to collect his presents! We wish you lots of luck and fun in this fantastic wolf game!
RUN RED RUN In front of you is one of the most popular, most performed and best wolf games ever! Your task in this fantastic game is to escape from the big bad and hungry wolf! You're the little Little Red Riding Hood that came to her grandmother in the forest to bring her cookies, but when she get in the house in the bed was not her grandmother, in the bed was bloodthirsty hungry wolf that rushed to eat you! Your task is to run away from the wolf, do not let wolf overtake you and catch you because he will eat you for lunch. While you running away from the wolf collect apples and other fruits in the forest that gives you energy and strength to run,  and to get away from the wolf, watch out for rocks and other obstacles that will be in your way if you hit a rock it's game over for you. We wish you good luck on the run from a large bloodthirsty wolf!