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Virtual Police

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How To Play:

Virtual Police

We present you Virtual Police!You are only one police officer who can stop the terrorists and save hostages!Your job is simple, stop all the criminals on the screen to progress.Kill them soon you see them.The fast you kill, the more points you get, so be as fast as you can.Remember, headshots give bonus points.Try not to shoot hostages.You have five lives, if you lose them you can use a credit to continue playing.If you have no more credits you lose the game.
To defeat bosses you must shoot their weak point so pay close attention.Bosses have more health and deal more damage so be careful.Great graphics, animation, and sound effects will blow your mind.Game is intended for all ages, especially for boys and people who love police games.Have fun and good action!


  • Instructions:
  • Use mouse to play.
  • Reload-Spacebar
Game Category: Cop Police Games