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Tequila Zombies 3


In this part you will met new character with whom you can play so now you can choose 1 out of 3 characters, choose one and start this adventure.

About the Tequila Zombies 3

This is the final chapter of this awesome Tequila Zombies 3 Game in which your task is again to kill zombies, a lot often and to survive. When ever you start new level you can choose the character with whom you want to play. Story is placed in Texas your hometown who is once again full of deadly zombies that you need to kill.If you love action shooting games than this the game for you where you can test your skills and your accurate and that is very important in order to survive in this game.

How to play TZ3

First you choose the character with which you want to play and then you choose the level and survive the waves of zombies that will come at you from all sides and in every next level more and more zombies and other creatures will try to attack you in even larger number and in that moment you need to be good with your aim and always shoot in their head because in that way you will kill them immediately and those save your ammo and time. To kill zombies you have your main weapon and that is baseball bat and when you kill some zombies they will spawn money that you need to collect in order to later buy new weapons or to upgrade them.

Collect boosters like ammo, energy and most important, Tequila that will give double damage for the weapon that you are using. Try not to be too close to zombies because they can hurt you and try to make combos while hit more than one zombie, in that way you will earn more points. Use your special power only when it’s necessary.


Use mouse to aim and shoot. Use W,A,D to move and jump. Press R to reload your weapon. To change your weapon use 1,2,3,4 or Q and E. Use S to search or to Activate. Use Spacebar to unleash your super power.


Get ready for awesome adventure that this Tequila Zombies 3 will give you. If you are fan of weapons, shooting games, zombies, good graphic games and much more than this game will make your day! This is one of the best free online shooting games in which you can experience fun, great storyline and awesome action! Kill as much zombies as you can, collect ammo, energy and weapons, upgrade your character and your weapons, survive the waves of zombies and make the best score! We wish you good luck and good fun!