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Tequila Zombies 2


You are in same problem like back then, you will be attacked in waves by zombies and other creatures that are infected.

About TZ2

It was long time ago when you was killing Zombies until today, you met them again and it’s all coming back to you, you need to survive, you need to kill! In Tequila Zombies you can now choose one of two characters: Jaqueline or Miguel. You need to survive and be careful because every next level will be harder than the previous one so aim good and shoot fast. If you come bored from school or from work and you are searching for some action surviving game that include zombies than you are at the right pace!

How to play Tequila Zombies 2

You kill zombies and other creatures using all sorts of thing like melee weapons, machete, swords, guns and much more. From time to time when you kill zombie he will spawn random booster like ammo, energy, weapons and most important Tequila that double your weapon damage. You need to be fast and accurate in order to survive waves of zombies. Every next wave will be harder than previous one so you need to do your best in order to survive. With the money you earn from killing zombies you can buy new weapons or upgrade them and much more. When you aiming on the zombie try aiming to the head and shoot because if you hit them in the head you will kill them immediately and in that way you will save your ammo and safe some time.


To Move and Jump use arrows or W/A/D To Aim and Shoot use your mouse Pick up: DOWN or S Superpower: SPACE or CTRL


For Tequila Zombies 2 Get ready for lot’s and lot’s of zombies and other creatures that will attack you from all sides, get ready for surviving challenge and prove how good you are in this Tequila Zombies 2! This game is one of most popular and most played online free game that you can play from your house, school or even work. You have 3 levels, each level have 10 waves of zombies that you need to survive. Show your skills, kill this green creatures and put them back to their graves!