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Tequila Zombie


Apocalipse are broke all over the world, you home in Texas are under attack from people who turned into zombies and their only goal is to eat you and you need to defend yourself using all kind of weapons and special abilities like Tequila who give you double damage for short time period.

About the game

Tequila Zombie Game is survivor based game in which your task is to survive constant zombie attack who will come from all sides on you in larger and larger numbers so you need to be fast to have good reflexes in order to kill them fast. If you are bored and you are searching for some challenging game that will rise adrenaline your body then you come to the right place.

How to play

You have one and only goal and that is to defend yourself and kill as much zombies as you can in order to progress into next level and win more points. Every next level will be harder than previous one so you need to try your best and kill as much zombies as you can and best way to do that is by using machete as your main weapon but during the game on random place a weapons will appear like a gun but you are limited with ammo so use the weapons wisely.

Collect all sort of booster that will be dropped on random place like, energy, ammo, weapons and most effective, Tequila that when you drink it you can deal double damage for a limited time. Try to kill as much zombies as you can using all kind of weapon and be careful not to be too close to them and try to make combos and in that way earn more points. </>


Use left and right arrow keys to Move. Use Up arrow key to Slash and pick up item. Use spacebar to shoot


For Tequila Zombie Game If you love to use melee weapons, guns, if you love to kill zombies and survive this challenging game then you are at the right place. Play with your friends, compete with each other on who can survive longer in Zombie apocalypse! Test your survival skills and make the best score.