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Super Dynamite Fishing

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How To Play:

Super Dynamite Fishing

Super Dynamite Fishing

Probably you have never gone to such fishing, and therefore you will love this game. Are you ready to catch the fish as quickly as possible? Get ready because you will need a lot of dynamite. Impatient to catch a fish? Throw dynamite and watch the fish rise to the surface one by one. Make war at this lake, because you have more than enough dynamite to blow up the whole lake. Enjoy this unusual method of fishing and have fun blowing fish in the air. You’ll love this game because it is a great animated, mostly for children and older will enjoy playing. Catch fish in time. Get bonus time for special fish! So save dynamite and go to war with the fishes! We wish you a wonderful time and lots of fun

instructions: Use button A-left and D-right Use button “Space” for dropping the dynamite

Game Category: Fish Games

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