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Speed Back


About The Speed Back Game

Speed Back is basic football game in which your task is to run through the field. Also try to avoiding enemy players from opposite team that will try to take your ball. While running you need to throw the ball to your teammate from time to time in order to confuse the opponent players and when your reach the end of their field you need to make a touchdown and in that way to score. Do that as often as you can and defend your field.

How To Play Speed Back

When start playing you need to avoid opponent team, their defenders and to get into the end zone without being tackled. You will start with three tries. In order to earn extra try you need to score three touchdowns. Use arrow keys to move around. Press A to stiff and press S to use your spin move. From time to time speed booster will appear and if you manage to take it you will gain extra speed for limited time that can help you a lot during the attack.


Speed Back is one of the most popular rugby-american football game in which you can do anything that you can in the real sport. If you are sports fan then you will love this game that you can also play with your friends, compete with each other, winning together and taking your team to the victory! Also this game is unblocked game which means that you can play it from any place and at any time you want, from school or from work. Good luck and have fun