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Soccer Star 2


About the Game

Fans of Soccer you at the right place! Your task in this challenging and exciting Soccer Star game is to give as many goals as you can in which you shoot the ball in the parts of the goal where you see the target, the goalkeeper will try to defend your every shot so try to deceive the goalkeeper in order to achieve goals. Before you kick a ball in the direction of the goal, choose the strength of how hard you hit the ball, better your chances are to achieve the goal if you shot the ball with full strength. First you click on the right zone of the aiming gauge to get a perfect shot, then shoot to the sides to move the goalkeeper away from the targets in order to hit them easily. Look for hidden bonuses and powerups.

How to play

Use your amazing football skills to defeat this insane goalkeeper. Try to beat him with skills you gained from the New Star Soccer, this sequel is trickier. Use mouse and try to deceive the goalkeeper, lead him on the wrong side of the goal, then fast shoot on the other side to give a score. But you need to shoot the targets so keep your eye on that.


Use Mouse to aim and shoot