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Shark Games

Shark Games
Sydney Shark - The third part of this fantastic game is now available for you! In this part the story takes place in Australia in Sydney! Destroy and immerse everything you find on your way, destroy chopper, slay the giant koala, destroy warships and much more, bloodthirsty shark is back in action! As always your task is to jump on ships and boats and lots of other things in order to break and destroy them and win best score and much much points. A chain of 6 will spin the wheel of shar, try to bite aircrafts and pull them down into the water! Enjoy in the third edition of this stunning shark game that will totally delight you and make your day!
Medieval Shark - In front of you is one of the craziest, best, most played and most popular Shark games ever on the internet! You are a shark that lives in medieval times, you are unstoppable shark that kills, destroys and crash everything in its path! Your goal is to make as many points and best score, to do that you need to destroy as many ships and kill as many people as possible, to destroy the ships you need to jump on them from the water deep and the destruction will start by itself. If you like games where you destroy, devour people then this game is made just for you! To successfully jumped on the ship you need to dive to the bottom and suddenly surface in the direction of the ships. You are the terror of all the people, prove it! We wish you lots of fun and a good adventure !
Deadly Jaws - You are at great depth in the dangerous sea and the only weapon you have in your possession is a harpoon which you can use to kill the bloodthirsty sharks lurking all around you! Your task is to avoid them and kill, do not let the shark gets too close to you because they will eat you alive and it will be game over for you. Try to kill as many of these bloodthirsty sea beasts, and survive in the dark deeps. This game is very challenging, everyone will love, give your best and beat the sharks! You can shoot the shark when its jaws are open to do any damage,it will take many spears to kill this monster with big jaws, so try to shoot and move in the same time in order to stay alive. You're a little shark whose mission is to grow up and become bigger and stronger, and in order to grew and became a true monster of deep sea you need to eat all the animals that are smaller than you, which means you have to avoid all the larger animals such as sharks, which are larger than you because if you attack them, they will eat you and it's game over for you, so do your best to avoid anything that is bigger than you. You're a little bloodthirsty shark with deadly jaws that devours everything in its path, you can eat all the small fish and even birds that fly, you only need to jump out of the water and bite!
Shark Bite - This shark game you can play in Story mode, or Free killing mode the choice is yours. Practice your hunting skills in this awesome shark bite game and see how many prey you can catch within the time limit or play story mode and go in the adventure with shark and hunt. You have to constantly eat in order to be full of energy and that energy that you fill you need in order to get you swimming in the depths of the dangerous sea, you are bloodthirsty shark and your job is to eat everything in your sight using your bloodthirsty jaws! We wish you lots of luck and fun in this exciting and challenging shark bite game that will definitely excite you and fill your day with great fun!
Shark Bike - Did you ever see a shark in the sea ride a motorcycle? If you are not then you are at right place because this is the right game for you! If you're bored and looking for some crazy shark game then this is the game for you! Help this shark to collect as many fish as she can in the sea while riding a bike, do tricks in the air, give the pedal to the metal and make sure you do not flip your bike because if you fall on your head it's game over for you!You have three lives so be sure to play careful, the objective of the game is to collect as many fish as you can and thus get maximum number of points, you've got a lot of levels and a lot of challenges, each next level will be more difficult than the previous one, so be careful and avoid obstacles that will be in your way, every trick you done you get bonus points. Enjoy playing this fun shark bike game!
Feed Us Pirates - Adventure with bloodthirsty piranhas continues, this time your victims are evil pirates who plagued the sea! Before you is one of the most popular Feed us pirates game! You are bloodthirsty piranhas whose mission is to stop the pirates by eating them alive! Eat all the pirates that you find on your way, eat them alive, eat them in the water or on land no rules because you are unstoppable bloodthirsty piranhas who devouring everything that is in its path. Beware of pirate cannon they can kill you, try to do as many combos as you can in order to get as many points. Do your missions, your tasks will always be different. If you are fan of bloodthirsty games, piranhas, sharks and pirates, then you are definitely in the right place because this is a great shark game for you! Make the best score and have fun in this game shark!
Shark the Fisherman - In this game, the rules are different, now shark fishing people, yes you read it right. You are a shark that catch people in the sea, all that grab you can make a number of points and some things can take away your points so be careful what you catch and prove that you are a better fisherman than humans. Try to catch the bonuses by pressing left mouse button, every thing you catch give you a certain number of points.Some things can give you random boost like speed up, add time, or x2 points. We wish you good luck and good fishing!
Shark Bait - This Shark game you can play in two ways, you can play story mode or free killing the choice is yours. In each level your task will be to eat a certain type of fish in order to move to the next level. Remember that you have to be fast because your energy is going down when you swim, the faster you swim the energy bar go down faster so be sure to promptly find your prey in order to make you move to the next level. If you play free killing mode then your task i simple, eat everything you find on your way because you are the master of the deep sea and dangerous bloodthirsty shark that all fish are afraid, you are terror in the deep sea, proof that in the fantastic shark game! Have fun playing this awesome shark game!
Seals Vs Sharks - You are seal that are located deep in the territory of sharks that are eager to eat you alive, collect bubbles that you provide airflow and avoid bloodthirsty sharks that will constantly try to attack you and eat you, avoid them at all costs because if they catch you they'll eat you alive, and it's game over for you. Be quick, accurate and careful, outwit the bloodthirsty sharks and win this game. This game is an excellent anti-stress after a hard day at work or school, relax, and enjoy playing this fantastic shark game.The game was very exciting, addictive and creative, everyone will love. Avoid the sharks and collect bubbles, it is your task in this game.
Shark valentine - If you are not a fan of Valentine's Day, then this could be the right game for you! Get your anger out on this fantastic and crazy game! Your job is simple, try to eat as much couples as you can and fill your bloodlust! This shark is not a fan of Valentine's Day and your task is to help her eat as much Valentine couples as possible, to eat couples you need to dive deep and rapid surface in right where couples move and then open your jaw and eat them! Win more points, do not let that couples get away, eat them as much as possible to help you make the best score, handle carefully with your bloodthirsty sharks and try not to miss. This game is pretty easy, great for killing boredom and free time.
Fish and Destroy - This fish game you can play with two players, which means you can play with your friends, compete with each other and together enjoy this amazing game. You are angry piranha that eats everything in sight, except sharks and fish devil because the shark and devil fish should shoot for if they touch you it is game over for you. Your task is to eat all harmless and small fish and that this dangerous fish such as shark you must shoot. Collect a variety of boosters in your way, they give you a variety of assistance, such as energy and ammunition. Be persistent and eat everything in sight, do not let the bloodthirsty sharks eat you, outsmart a dangerous fish eat little. This game is very addictive, social and fun, everyone will love.
Paranormal Shark Activity - Run as far as your legs will carry you and as fast as you can, right behind you is huge bloodthirsty shark that devours everything in its path and it's headed directly to you!To escape from this terrible shark you need to jump from the palette to the palette, avoid get into the water because your water will slow you down, at the beginning it is easy to run from bloodthirsty shark but after becoming more and more complicated, so you should try hard and do your best to escape from the shark that want to eat you alive! The game is very simple all that is required of you is to jump and run away in one direction, avoid obstacles and outwit this giant bloodthirsty shark!
Shark Ball - Your task is simple, make sure that in a shortest time destroy all the bricks using a ball, breaking some bricks you can get boosters such as rockets, three balls and many more which can help you to faster and better destroy bricks. Pay attention to the time because you are limited in time, which means you do not have much time to waste, make sure that every time you shoot a ball you destroy as many bricks as soon as possible in order to advance the level and move to the next. The next level will be more difficult and more complicated than the previous one because the good concentrate and do your best! This game is very fun, creative and exciting, but at the same time very challenging. Show how good you are in this game, break the bricks and make the best score! Your goal is to move your desk to bounce the balls and to try to break out all bricks, you can break it from the top and remember you must beat it 3 times, some bricks only rocket can break.
Save the Army from the Blue Shark - Soldiers who practice parachuting are landing in the wrong place, unfortunately it's too late to correct the error and paratroopers landing right into a swarm of bloodthirsty blue sharks just waiting for soldiers to fall into water and to eat them alive, it's up to you to save them. In each level your task will be to save a certain number of paratroopers in order to move to the next level, each next level will be more difficult and complicated than the previous one, so be careful. Paratroopers saving by clicking the mouse on them when you see them on the screen, each rescue brings you a certain number of points, the more paratroopers you save more points you get. You are entitled to five errors, everything below that is the end game for your so play carefully and save the paratroopers from bloody blue shark lurking in the water!
Boot Stick Shark - You are a bad experiment of mad scientists, you managed to get away but you have decided to go back and save the other sharks where the evil scientists conducted an experiment. Kill all the scientists in your path and free your shark friends! You play the role of boot stick shark, you are the experiment of some evil scientists. But you manage to run away from them and go to the ocean, it is now up to you to make it back and rescue your friends in the lab.Your goal is to advance to the lab in order to save your friends, you start on the beach, in order to go to the next level you must kill all evil scientists in the level. Later in the game you will unlock two different attacks that you can use them with up and down arrow keys.
Aukamua - Shark God has finally started to rule the sea, your mission is to destroying everything you can find in the way in order to grew and became stronger and bigger, avoid various obstacles that will be in your way, watch out for the rocks because if you hit a rock that will be the end game for you so play carefully and dominate the sea like a real shark god! You are the god of sharks your name is Aukamua, your task is to jump from the water and destroy boats and other water craft in order to grow, but watch out for cliffs and other obstacles. This game is very exciting, challenging and addictive, everyone will like it, especially the fans of shark games.
Be the shark! - Are you ready to compete ? If yes then you are at right place because this is the right game for you! Your task is to eat more fish and thus overtake your opponents, the sharks who are pursuing the same prey as you in which you started and pay attention if other sharks eat more small fish then you, it means that you lose, so be faster and better than others shark eat more small fish then them and achieve the best score. This Shark game you can play with friends, compete with each other who will win best score and enjoy playing this wonderful and exciting shark game !
Shark Vs Swimmers - In this Shar game your task is to save people from sharks, move them to a safe place before the sharks get to them and eat them alive, the more people you save you win more points, be quick, careful and precise and save innocent people from bloodthirsty shark lurking in the water. Drag sharks using your mouse and people to the safe zone on the sides! Remember, people drown if left too long! Survival game ends if too many people die and time trial game ends when time expire.
Harpoon A Shark - In this Shark game your task is quite simple, you need to kill all the sharks with harpoon in order to move to the next level, but note that you have to shoot really fast because the shark slowly descend towards you, if they go down all the way to you they gonna devour you and it's game over for you. The game is pretty easy, it's great for stress relief and is an excellent choice after a hard day at work or school. Kill the shark with harpoon and make the highest score!
Mad Shark - You are mad shark that has decided to deal with shark hunters! The aim of this game is to survive as long as you can. You are a bloodthirsty shark that constantly attack shark hunters, to kill them you must eat them, but in order to eat and kill shark hunters with harpoons that are trying to kill you you first have to eat small fish because it gives you strength to hold on, every time you eat a fish or a shark hunter you lose strength and you have to fill the strength and in order to do that you need to eat fish, so be sure to constantly devour everything in your sight and make sure that shark hunters not kill you, you must survive as long as you can! Enjoy playing this mad shark game and survive as long as you can and make the best score!
Prehistoric Shark - In this part of the game you are in a prehistoric time, where dinosaurs walk the land, huge bird fly in the sky and in the water are giant whales and other prehistoric creatures. In front of you is another fantastic part of this fantastic Shark game! At the beginning choose with any shark you want to play before you you have four choices to select one and the adventure will begin! You are prehistoric shark that eat, kills and destroy everything in sight! Your primary task is to kill and eat as many animals around and above you and in the sea and on land, eat dinosaurs kill huge whales and devour as much as you can, eat humans and get best score! This game is very fun, exciting and challenging, everyone will love it!
Shark Hunter 2 - Are you ready to go hunting bloodthirsty shark with sharp teeth like razors? If you are ready for this dangerous shark hunting then you are at right place because this is a great shark game for you! Your task is simple, shoot as many sharks and jellyfish as you can that move in your direction, be careful not to bump into the shark jaw because it will eat you alive and it will be game over for you, and if you get caught by jellyfish it will fry your brain as also game over for you, so be careful and shoot as much bloodthirsty sharks and jellyfish with harpoon in order to win as many points and make the best score! This shark game is an excellent choice after a hard day at work or school.
Shark And Trampolines - Your task is very simple, you need to greet every person who falls from the sky to make it back to sky if you miss a man he will fall into the water and it will be devour by bloodthirsty sharks so pay attention. The game is very exciting and I ask of you good reflexes, speed and patience. Your task in this shar game is simple, try to catch a falling men with your trampoline and bounce them back into the sky. Be careful, don't let will eat them but watch out if a man is eaten the water shark will eat your trampoline. How it rains the water level rises so be sure to have as few misses as possible and show how good you are at saving people!
Sharks Revenge - You are a shark who wants to take revenge on the shark hunters, you now want you revenge! On you are headed horde of hunters with their harpoons, your only task is to avoid them, especially their harpoons, the goal of the game is to stay alive as long as possible, the longer you stay alive you will have a higher score, so do your best and make a record of survival! Do not allow hunters to kill you, outsmart them, them and stay alive as much as you can! Go for shark hunters heads but be careful for the harpoons!
Shark with Wheels - You are a shark on wheels and your only task is to avoid the rocks at all costs, because if you hit a rock it's game over for you, be quick, careful and try to avoid rocks like a pro. The longer you play, the game will be fast and faster from minute to minute, and game will become more intense and complicated and make it harder to avoid the rocks, your goal is to survive as long as possible and make the best score! This Shark game is as exciting and creative everyone will like it, especially the fans of Shark games.
Viking Shark Panch - Are you ready for the craziest game of all time? You're a Viking who surfs on the dead zombie in the air and kills flying bloodthirsty sharks that rushing towards you to eat you alive! Your task is to kill all the bloodthirsty sharks who rushing towards you, hit them until you kill them because you're invincible Viking who no one can get in the way! Every time you kill a shark you get points, but make sure that sharks do not eat you because if she eat you it is game over for you and you start all over again! Help the fearless Viking to win the undertow sharks and beat them like fish they are!
Swappers Shark Tale - You all have watched the popular cartoon Shark tale. In this Shark game your task is to assemble the puzzle from cartoon Shark Tale, in order to made a puzzle you must move certain parts of puzzle up and down left and right in order to finally get the whole picture and thus move to the next level. The game is not difficult, it is creative, addictive and exciting, everyone will love. So pay close attention as you move the pieces of the puzzle that you are an end formed a true picture, remember each part must be in the appropriate place.
Wind Fall - A huge storm destroyed your fishing boat, you are now left at the mercy of the sea waves and bloodthirsty sharks! Your task is to catch falling fish in the boat and try to avoid larger object like sharks. Avoid civilians on their way! You found a nearby boat and your task is to catch all the fish that storm tossed over the sea, avoid rocks and large objects that can destroy your ship, be faster and careful at the same time and as always have fun playing this exciting Shark game! If you love the sea game, dangerous game in which the bloodthirsty sharks then this is the game for you!