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River Fishing

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How To Play:

River Fishing

River Fishing

Welcome to river fishing Have you ever been on river fishing? If not you’ll have a wonderful experience in this game. You have 5 species of fish and 8 place for fishing. Catch fish in a little beautiful natural river that will enhance your senses and sound effects that will make you think you’re on the river. You can change the location where you will be sealed, beautiful nature around you will give you a fantastic feeling and the sound of birds, animals and nature river will delight you. You can also change the bait to see which suits you best. Throw your fishing rod, place a bait that works best for you and head off to a great adventure through the beautiful nature and catch as many fish as you can, some will fight some will surrender, but it’s all up to you. We wish you a wonderful time and a great catch because this angling adventure you will remember.

Instructions: Use the left button mouse to catch of the fish. Collect as many fishes as you can. The more you catch the more score you got. Select place for fishing Select bait Specify the place to throw bait Click anywhere on the screen to draw lines. Look for the tension lines.

Game Category: Fishing Games