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Return Man


Return man is sports game, it basically Rugby or like some like to call it American Football. In this game you need to beat the opponent team.
About The Return Man

About the game

It is very important that you play as a team because that is only way to win, you must pass a ball, return a ball, make good tactics and overcome opponents players in order to make a touchdown and score for your team. If you are sport fan or you like sport games then this Return Man game is great choice for you, you can play it without installation or registration. You can play this game with your friends and together like a real team beat your opponent. Bring your team to victory!

How To Play Return Man

If you ever played rugby then you are familiar with the rules and everything but if you are not than don’t worry you will find out soon. The basic rules is to defend your ball when you have it from other team players who will try to take the ball away from you, so you need to run fast and to pass the ball to your team player when you see the opening. You are caught the punt and now you need to race down the field to return in for a touchdown. Don’t forget to avoid the defenders and get past the kicker to score an pay attention, if you don’t make it to the end zone, you’ll lose a possession. Make as much score as you can and as much touchdowns as you can in order to beat your opponents.


I to Run Forward.
J to Run Left.
L to run Right.

Conclusion For Return Man

It’s not complicated to get to conclusion for Return man, if you like sports games, rugby or american football then you will like this game for sure. Great animation, great graphic, great effects and much more. Play as a team, pass the ball, make good tactics and you will win this game with no problems but get ready for some really challenging teams against you will play. Have fun!