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Return Man 2 Zombies


Get ready for 10 levels, for 10 challenges that are in front of you, while you play you will unlock new levels. The Return Man 2 Zombies have same rules like ordinary rugby or American football.

About The Return Man 2 Zombies

There is one difference and that is that your opponent team are not humans, they are zombies so this game will be fun, trust us. The aim of the games is to score to opponent area of the field as much as you can in order to win. Avoid opponents players or zombies if you like and pass the ball to your team player and so on. When zombies have the ball then you must to chase them in order to return the ball to your players hands. If you are not familiar with the basic of this game you will learn it fast don’t worry.

How To Play Return Man 2 Zombies

The rules are simple, get the ball, run, pass the ball to your team players, score with touchdown and repeat the process until the game is over and when zombies have the ball then you need to bring that ball back, to return it to your team and in order to do that you need to run to be as fast as possible and to catch zombie player who have the ball. Opponents players caught the punt and now you need to race down the field to return in for a touchdown. While running try to avoid the defenders and get past the kicker to score an pay attention, if you don’t make it to the end zone, you’ll lose a possession.


Spacebar-Continue. M-Mute. Use arrow keys or I,J,K,L to Move.

Conclusion For Return Man 2 Zombies

You play rugby against Zombies i think that speak for itself and it’s all i can say for this creative Return Man 2 Zombies. Try it, you will have fun for sure and try to beat zombies team and make the best score! Play with your friends and have much more fun!