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Quarterback Challenge 2


About the game

The Quarterback Challenge is rugby based game or like American football, the aim of the game is to make a touchdown, to play as a team, to pass a ball to your teammates to make tactic and in the and to beat the opponent team! After that you will have to play against harder and harder teams so you will need to plan your every move without mistake in order to become the best!

How To Play Quarterback Challenge Game

If you ever played Rugby or American football or some of the Return Man games than this game will not be a problem for you. The aim of the game is to score in the opponent area of the field, they will defend good so you need to wait for opening and to use the moment and to score. The basic rules is to defend your ball when you have it from other team players who will try to take the ball away from you, so you need to run fast and to pass the ball to your team player when you see the opening. You are caught the punt and now you need to race down the field to return in for a touchdown.

Don’t forget to avoid the defenders and get past the kicker to score an pay attention, if you don’t make it to the end zone, you’ll lose a possession. Choose the tactic that you want to use against opponent team and action can start. Next is Playoff Tournament in which you pick your team set the clock and choose difficulty and go to action.


Use arrow keys to move. Use Spacebar to throw the ball.

Conclusion For Quarterback Challenge Game

This Rugby game you can play from home, school or even work because its a unblocked game which means that you can play from any place you want. If you love good quality rugby game like this online return game than you are at the right place. Prove how good you are in this Quarterback Challenge game and make the best score!