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New Star Soccer


About The New Star Soccer Game

Soccer fans you are on the right site because in front of you is one of the most popular soccer game on the net that you can play for free from any location, without registration or installation just start the game and let the fun begin! If you come tired from work or school and are looking for a football game to kill your boredom and give you good fun, you are at the right place!

In this game you can learn each step in soccer. You start from the basics, how to hit the ball properly, how to kick or to skip past an opponent player, how to bend the ball, how to shoot a free kick, how to properly perform a corner, how to dribble players how to avoid opponent players while running with the ball, how to perform a penalty, how to cooperate with your players and pass the ball to each other, absolutely everything that is essential to one soccer team to know you can learn in this challenging and exciting New Star Soccer game. If you are a soccer fan then you’re in the right place because this is the right game for you, play with your friends, compete with each other, take home cups, win the Champions League, bring your team to victory by defeating all opponents!

Soccer game, or more commonly referred outside the United States as football, is one of the most popular sports in the world. With origins that date back many centuries ago soccer is for America what’s in Europe the most important thing and that is football. The modern game had born in England in 19th century and today is the most popular game on the world. The game of soccer is built around the pursuit of scoring goals, like in many sports but especially like in football. Teams are moving the ball up and down the field in an attempt to kick it within the goal, and the player guarding the goal is the goalkeeper- the only player in a team which is allowed to touch the ball with his hands. Except during a throw-in the other players must use their feet, knees, head and chest to control and advance the ball.

A regular game duration is in two 45-minute halves. Eleven players including the goalkeeper are allowed on the field for each team. These players must keep the ball in play. If the ball crosses the goal line and the defense touches it last its opponents are allowed a corner kick. A player from the offensive team kicks it from the corner but typically aiming it to an area in front of the goal in the hope that one of his players can deflect it into the goal for a score. One of the rules are also penalties. Fouls and penalties committed by one team can lead to penalty kicks for the opposing team. This occurs when a foul is committed inside the penalty area.

Controls: So many soccer rules but so easy to play. That why this game is very convenient for all ages and also to develop team and sports spirit in children. So, use your mouse to move your player or to drag the player or the ball, kick a ball. It is very important how you control your player in order to accomplish the score. There would be some moments where correct position of the ball, also good alignment and a special hit at the ball into a certain place will be a very important for achieving. Game details/play: Dear fans, we develop the game where you can learn step by step playing soccer, from basic level to advanced.

This game provides you to learn how properly to hit the ball, to cooperate with your playmates, to be aware of opponent players and how to skip them. You’ll practice your skills how to kick the ball, to pass it to the other player or how to perform free kicks or penalties. After some time you will be amazed by your progress and be able to compete in some soccer competitions. Here, you can find two game modes which are available and absolutely free. We prepared for you arcade mode and career mode. Arcade mode provides you to accomplish your task and achieve score avoiding all the obstacles on your way, but carefully every next challenge will be more difficult than the previous.

Before you decide to play career mode you need to create your own soccer team, choose your jersey and color of those too, and than in the end start creating your soccer career. You will be exposed to some difficult weather conditions such as heavy rain and thunder, or even snowing on the court. But most important you will have the opponent goalkeeper which you must defeat and score the goal.

How to play

T In soccer it is very important to play as a team with your players, to pass the ball to each other, do the right tactics and to kick ball in the right moments to the opponent goal in order to score. The aim of the game is to score as many goals as avoiding various obstacles that will be in front of the goal, which means that in some situations you must kick the ball under certain angle in order to achieve score, you have three chances to achieve score so give your best.


Use your mouse to move your player, drag the player or the ball, kick a ball and to use menu. It is vital how you control your player in order to achieve the score.The correct position of the ball, good alignment and a special hit at the ball into a certain place will be a very important thing in some moments.

Final summary

If you love soccer then you will definitely enjoy this game. If you are bored and you are looking for a challenging soccer game then you are in the right place because on this site this game is available to you 24/7, you can play this challenging and exciting New Star Soccer game and thus fill your day with fun. Play with your friends, compete with each other and make as much score as you can!