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Mutant Fighting Cup 2016 Cat Edition


Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Cat Edition Game

Cat edition is available for you now to play it online for free! Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Cat Edition Game is online unblocked game that you can play from any place, work or school. Your task in this fighting game is to create your mutant from the animal and to fight other mutants and to win all the World Cup’s! Before the fight you will go to your gene laboratory where you can create your mutant by dragging the skills that are on the right side of your screen (Common Mutations, Legs, Head, Body, Spinal Tumors and Extras) to the empty boxes on the left side of your screen.

Alt Mutant fighting cup map
Caption Mutant Fighting Cup map where you can fight mutant from all over the world.

You can choose a weapon, healing ability or defense for your mutant. Each skill have their specialty and each you need to choose wisely. After you drag your skills press the MUTATE button and your mutant will be created from the skills, DNA and genes you choosed. Watch how mutant is created in front of your eyes! Because this is the Cat Edition now you can instead of a dog, you can choose a cat to be your fighter in this challenging fighting game. When your monster is created you will see the Attack, Defence, Dexterity, Heal Power and the HP of your monster. Your first opponent will be Dober Gun mutant and your task will be to defeat him using the skills you choosed in the gene laboratory. This is fight is playing on moves like in all Mutant fighting Cup games, First you choose a move, after that your opponent is choosing a move and so on until there is just one mutant standing. After each move you will get random skills and you will need to chose which one to use wisely depending of the situation because in the beginning it’s gonna be easy for you but every next mutant you fight with will be harder to beat than the previous one so in one moment you will need to play smart in order to defeat your opponent.

Alt Mutant fighting cup arena
Caption Two mutants ready for the fight to the death

After each battle you will win certain skill, DNA, gene or weapon that you will be able to build on your mutant fighter by replacing the old skill with the new and much stronger one. In that way you will do more damage to your enemy, you will be able to heal yourself much more or to protect yourself from the enemy attack. There is also a chance to stun your enemy which will bring you one extra move and in that way you will be in much better position and more likely to win and there is a possibility to deal a double damage to your enemy mutant that can be fatal for him but don’t forget that the same rules apply to you to so be careful and make your moves wisely!
In order to win the game you need to win American Cup, African Cup, European Cup, Asian cup and Latin Cup. During the game you will also unlock new empty boxes for creating your mutant which means that you will be able to have more damage, HP or defense on your mutant. If you like fighting game where you are playing by making moves then you gonna love this
awesome online fighting game because here you can create your fighter by your liking!

Use mouse to play and to fight.