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Mutant Fighting Cup 2


Mutant Fighting Cup 2

Second part of this addicted unblocked game is finally out for you to play it from any place! As in the first part of this Mutant Fighting Cup game in this second part you can also Login or you can just use your local save by pressing Play button on the right side of your screen. Keep in mind that for using online save you will unlock Cat character, you will get bonus coins and you can fight other players in PVP mode. Get ready to battle other monsters and creatures that other people made in the laboratory. New monsters, New characters, New Genes, New DNA and much more awaits you in this Mutant Fighting Cup 2 game!

Alt Animal storage from which you can choose to create a new mutant
Caption Animals that you can choose and unlock during the game from which you can make your own personal mutant fighter in the game.

Like in the first part of the game you are playing in moves, when you make your move then it’s your enemy turn to make a move and so on. You can also win all kind of Trophies in this second chapter of the game, you can unlock challenges but for that you need to be level 10 mutant. In this part of the game you can use mana now, mana can help you to refresh all of your skills in order to use them again but use that button only when you think that you will need. You can now select a new animal and some of them you need to unlock first. Some monsters are harder to beat, some have powerful abilities so in those situation you need to use tactics, you need to use defence, heal and other extras that can help you a lot in difficult battles. You are starting the fight with your Mad Bulldog and you are fighting against Dangerous fox, each next mutant will be harder to beat than previous mutant. But keep in mind that with every battle you win, you will gain new power, new gene, new DNA or new weapon that you can build into your mutant creature. Some parts will make you more powerful, giving you greater damage, ability to poison your enemy and in that way they will lose HP with every next move. You can also stun your enemy fighter and in that way you will be able to make two moves instead of one. From the coins you win by beating the enemy mutant you can buy all kinds of Buffs and Potions in the shop like Defensive Stand that increases your defense by 60%, Poisoning which means that you can poison your enemy for 3 turns, Berserk will give you extra attack but it will lower your defense for 2 moves, Healing buff will heal your wounds by 20-30%, Cleansing will remove all negative effects that you have on your mutant fighter and Replacement which means that the cost of skills refresh from this move will be 0 mana.

Alt Two mutant preparing for fight game
Caption Two mutants preparing to fight each other, Longjaw Wolf against Wicked Fox.

When it comes to Potions you can buy Needles Booster that reflects 70% of damage for 4 moves at the beginning of the fight, you can use it 10 times. During the fisht on the bottom of your screen you will see all the skills you can use against your enemy mutant. After the fight you will go back to the gene laboratory where you can upgrade your mutant with a new gene you got for a reward. There you will also be able to see the Attack of your mutant, Crit, Heal, Life, Defense and Evasion. You can also level your mutant fighter and all you need to do is to beat all other mutants. Later in the game it will become more difficult and then you will need to use tactics, special skills against certain enemies that will not be easy to defeat. Each skill brings you certain speciality, some can heal you during the attack, other can poison your enemy, stun your enemy and so on. Use those skills wisely in order to beat every mutant and to win all the Cup’s!

Use mouse to play and to fight.