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Linebacker Alley


About The Linebacker Alley

As in most of the rugby games in this unblocked rugby game your mission is to take the ball and to score at the opponent area of the field. But before that you need to run over or aside of your opponent, you will need to fight your way through the opponent goal. In this Return Man game you can train and test your rugby skills.

How To Play Linebacker Alley

Use arrow keys, S,A and P tp play this game. You will find precise instructions on how to move when you start the game. follow the instructions. You play using your keyboard and your task is to score as many points to the opposite team as possible but first you will need to come to the ball that is protected from the opponent team. Find a way to come to the ball and score!


If you are a rugby fan than this Linebacker Alley game will delight you. Your task is to run, avoid opponent player, take the ball, run again and score. Do that as much as you can in order to make the best score! Good luck and have fun!