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Linebacker Alley 2


About The Linebacker 2 Alley

A second part of this unblocked rugby game is finally here for you to play! In front of you are new challenges, 14 new levels, each one will be harder than previous one so you will need to give your best! In order to play new level you need to unlock it first and in order to do that you need to complete the first level and the task you are given. Get ready for more actions, new challenges and new stuff that you can unlock during the game!

How To Play Linebacker 2 Alley

Use arrow keys to run in all direction over the field. Use A,S,D for action. Your task will be to take the ball, avoid the defenders from opposite team and score in their part of the field. Your task will not be easy because this defenders are harder to avoid than from the defenders from the first part of this return man game. The moment you start running with your ball the best tactic is to run left and right because in that way you have bigger chances to run over opponent defenders.


If you are into the rugby games than this unblocked game will blow your mind, if you like sports games, rugby or american football then you will like this game for sure. Make good tactics and you will win this game with no problems but get ready for some really challenging teams