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Lazy Town

Lazy Town Games

Lazy Town game! Your favorite game is right here and you can play as much as you want and it's completely free! If you like cartoon Lazy Town and its famous heroes then you'll love this fantastic game. You can play this Lazy Town game like Sportacus or like Stephanie, choice is yours. You play by spinning the circle in the left corner of your screen, you spin the circle and you waiting to see what number you will get, based on that number you will go a certain pair of field, if you stand on the question then you take a card that that will tell you to go some field in advance or backwards or something else. The aim of the game is to get to the end before your opponent, the game is similar to most social games. Play with your friends compete with each other and have fun playing this fun game.
Lazy Town Stephany Dress! Are you ready to dress up Stephanie from cartoon Lazy Town? If so then make room because this is the right game for you! Your task in this dress up game is simple, dress up Stephanie choose from the dresses, change her hairstyle, hair color, dress, put it in a way that whatever you want! Be creative and show how good you are in dressing up. The game is very fun, creative and exciting, everyone will love, especially the lovers of Lazy Town games.
Lazy town jigsaw Puzzle! Your favorite cartoon heroes from Lazy Town are back here with you! In this Lazy Town game your task is to assemble the puzzle and thus get a cartoon character from Lazy Town, the game is pretty easy at the beginning you can choose between two options, easy and hard, choose how you want to play this puzzle and arrange all the parts there where they belong in order to get the whole picture. Before the start of the puzzle in the background you can see how the image should look like before you arrange the parts, stack piece by piece to get a picture.
Lazy Town Hidden Numbers! Do you have a good eye and good powers of observation?If you have then this is the game for you! Here is the painting from cartoon Lazy Town, in this picture there is 24 hidden numbers, your task is to find them all,show and prove how good detective you are and find all the numbers in a short period of time in order to get the best score! This Lazy Town game is very exciting, creative and fun game, everyone will love, especially lovers of Lazy Town games and cartoon. In case you can not find some numbers or you have hard time to find it you can use HINT that will automatically shows where a number is, you have the ability to use it 3 times. Good to try and find all the numbers!
Lazy Town coloring! Your cartoon heroes from Lazy Town are back here for you! In this fantastic and exciting Lazy Town game your task is to paint and color your heroes as best as possible, you can paint them with colors from the cartoon Lazy Town, or you can paint them as you wish, according to your taste. You are looking at a lot of art and a host of various colors that you can use. You can use as many as 55 colors to draw your favorite characters! Compete with your friends who will paint better their cartoon characters and as always have fun playing this exciting game! Paint your heroes from Lazy Town!
Lazy Town Game! Here is the one more Lazy Town social game that you can play with your friends and compete with each other!Choose with which hero you want to play this Lazy Town game. When you choose your hero game can begin, your job is to spin the circle to get the corresponding number which you will be able to cross the field and collect the points, bonus, even be able to pull out the card and that card will tell you random stuff, or to stay in place or to go forward some of the fields or to go back a few field. This Lazy Town game is really fun and it's very similar to other social games, it's very exciting and one of the best games,everyone will like.This game is a great game for kids of all ages, it's very fun, we wish you great fun and good luck!
Sportacus Hero Training Game! Are you ready for more adventures?! In this Lazy Town game you can play action challenge and hero challenge, choose what first you want to play.If you play a hero challenge Sportacus will show you one of his best moves and he will show you exactly how to do it for yourself!Just click on the move you want to see and learn and Sportacus will show you how to do it!Explore Sportacus AirShip by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the screen to explore! If you play action challenge your task is to when When Sportacus says to click on a specific color circle your task will be to click that color with your mouse right at that moment! You can play this games using your webcam, in that way the game is much more fun!
Lazy Town The Pirate Adventure Game! Go on another adventure with your favorite heroes from the Lazy Town! Your task in this Lazy Town game is to feed your friends from Lazy Town on the boat by collecting fish in your barrel. After that they need to be dropped onto the ship. And remember stay away from the shark, they can cause you to drop your fish , try not to get hit by pies or you will lose points. Every fish you catch give you a certain number of points. The aim of the game is simple, catch as many fish as you can in shortest period of time, avoid shark and corn, catch just the fish because you only get score from catching a fish, everything else you catch you lose points, the game is simple and easy, enjoy playing with the cheerful music in the background from cartoon Lazy Town.
LazyTown Ziggy Challenge Game 2! This fun children game you can play with four of your friends! Choose at beginning how much players you want to play this challenge game. After that you choose character with who you want to play, you have seven character that you can choose. You task is to move your character from start to the finish line of the board, you have 50 squares of Lazy Town to cross. On your way you will have plenty challenge for you to cross. You play game play by throwing the dice and when you get a certain number then you moving your character in so many fields, it's going to be a lot of challenges that you have to solve to reach it to the finish line, the game is very fun and exciting and therefore challenging.
Lazy town Sports Candy Sprint Game! From the LazyTown are stolen sweets and only you can find them and return them home. At the beginning of the game choose with whom you want to play, with Stephanie or Sportikus. Your task is to collect as much candy as you can. The game is played where you spin the wheel that determines how many times you can make a move, and in that way you can collect enough candy to move to the next place. The game is very exciting, challenging and fun everyone will love. Help Stephanie to find and recover the stolen sweets and give them to the children of Lazy Town. You have 6 place to search for candy, town, the circus, the rockin robbie, the park and the two unknown places.
Downhill Bowling! You can play this game in two different modes, Regular game and Timed Mode. Your task in this bowling game are simple, ten sets of pins are laid out on the track, you have to knock down pins in order to collect coins to earn points. If you play timed mode you must finish the track as fast as possible and remember, pins and coins in this mode give you time bonus so try to collect them all. Knock down as many pins as you can, earn bonus points for strikes and thru to clear out a whole pin set, that give you extra points. You can unlock achievements, each level has a list of achievements that you can unlock, try to unlock them all and become a pro player in bowling! At the need you can unlock the bonus level, but you must play level 1-9 at least once to unlock the bonus level. Enjoy in this fun 3D Bowling game!


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