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Lake Fishing Green Lagoon

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How To Play:

Lake Fishing Green Lagoon

Green Lagoon

Every fisherman gona love this game its very realistic interesting and fun. In the begining you can choose the place where you whant to fishing. Then you can select a wide range of baits. Choose you place where you gona throw your bait than the battle can begin. While you impatiently waiting for the fish to bite you will enjoy in the realistic sounds of nature and lakes around you. You have sonar that allows you to see where the fish are in the lake It will help you to not wait long to bite. Tire out the fish and do not let you get away so easily. You can play with frend and set best score, in statistic you can see who is the best fisherman As always the fish who is larger and heavier it’s the better. Enjoy fishing on the lake and have fun!
Select any lake for fishing If you want to go you can to press and hold the left mouse button and move the cursio in the chosen directionn For start fishing you need to click on the icon of the white man in the upperleft of the screen. Specify the place to throw bait. Click anywhere on the screen to draw the lines. Look for the tension lines.

Game Category: Fishing Games

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