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If you love strategy games then you are at right place because this is the right game for you!
This is one of the most popular and most played and most fun games ever! This is an online game that you can play as much as you want you only need is a quick registration and adventure can begin. To defend your city you need to build certain buildings such as barracks for troops, houses for natives, food, weapons and clothing, all of it right by building some facilities that specialize in the construction of certain things.
Your help is needed to fight criminals who are terrorizing your town and your task is to defend for all cost!Build your troops to defend your city, build defenses and upgrade your buildings.
When you are finished with building you can attack other players by clicking on the world map and from there you can choose what and where you want to attack, there are robber baron castles everywhere in the global map just waiting to be attacked! You can also get to the castles of other players. You can attack enemies from three sides, you can deploy units and when you finish that you can command the attack! Build, win and expand your empire in this online strategy game!

Use mouse to play