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Fishing Trip

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How To Play:

Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip

Have you ever went to fishing trip? If not this game will show you the beauty of that trip. In this fishing game you have 10 species of fish to catch It’s much about speed, you have to be faster to catch as many fish and this win more money for you. In some cases you can find treasure box they give you some cash. You can also buy parts for your fishing rod in a shop. You can play this game in 2 modes. In campaign mode to pass each level in campaign mode you will need to catch the specified amount of similar fishes in a row.In the begining of the game you’ll see how many similar fishes you have to catch in a row to finish the level and go to next one.In the first level you begin with one fish-hook and very slow spinning rod.When you catch designated amount of the same fishes or the Combo Goal..

You’ll be able to upgrade your ammunition in the shop:Fish hooks, fish MAX, fishing line length, fishing line, spinning reel, mercury outboards. All fishes you catch will be automatically converted to cash after finishing each level In Action mode your goal is to catch as many fishes as you can within a limited time. The remaining time increases when you catch some amount of similar fishes in a row. In this game mod you have all possible ammunition from beginning of the game. And remember that time is ticking while you are fishing. And of course have as much fun as you can!

instructions: The objective of this game is to get as many points as you can There are two game modes -Campaign mode -Action mode

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