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Fishing Champion Game

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How To Play:

Fishing Champion Game

Be Fishing Champion! Competitive spirit is in you? Than this is the right game for you. This realistic fishing game gona make you love fishing.Action is on! Each tournament has a number and species of fish to be caught in order to move to the next tournament. Your tournament begin in OLd fishing hole, after that you go to Moonshine Swamp and you gona love it when you go to Dead Pirate Cove and in next stop you gona have fun in Clownfish Bay, than game becomes serious in Town Dump and in tha last tournament number 6 Tiki Lagoon! Always go for the big wish for more money Earn money catching fish, catch the bonus fish for extra cash. catch fish before they eat worms or you will lose it. Do your best and win every tournament! Have fun on your way to become a fishing champion and have fun.

instructions: Click on your fishing rod to activate your power meter. Release your mouse to cast your tackle out. when you catch the fish hold the mouse down and move fishing rod back and forth between bars to catch fish.

Game Category: Fishing Games