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Fishao Game


In front of you is one of the most popular, most played and most entertaining fishing game on the net! This game is completely free without installation only quick registration, after registration, choose the world you want to play and follow the instructions. You will see several cities, some cities are locked and they will unlock later in the game, you will notice that some cities already have some players in it, let’s not forget this is an online game that you play with and against players from all around the world, which makes this game more fun and challenging . The objective of the game is to hunt as many fish as you can, to advance in the game, to buy better fishing gear, to travel around the world and catch the rare fish from that you can make a lot of money with which you can buy better fishing equipment that will greatly facilitate capture of fish. You can participate in tournaments and you can become the champion! You will receive a variety of tasks and when each task is completed you will receive the certain amount of money or another prize it all depends on the task that it was given to you. When you reach level 10 you will be able to trade with other players. In tournaments, you can participate when you reach level 5. In the store you can buy a variety of fishing bait, fishing rods, and much much more which will facilitate the capture of fish. The more you progress in the game a lot of things will become available , unlocked new cities , you will be able to travel around the world and catch rare fish, you would get more money for successfully completed task, and much much more! This fishing game is set to the smallest detail you’ll notice that when playing. In the backpack is all your fishing equipment that you need to capture fish. On the world map you can see all the places where you can catch fish and choose on which place you want to go. Are you came home tired from school or work and you are looking for a quality fishing game, then you are in the right place because this game is a great choice for you and it will definitely make your day so relax and start this beautiful fishing adventure! Try other Fishing Games on this site. We wish you a lot of fun, luck and prosperity in this incredible awesome fishing game! Instructions: Use mouse to play this fishing game.

Fishao game is different from the other fishing games because it was done in great detail, if you like fishing game in the long run where you can progress, advance and compete with other players, earn money to buy better fishing gear and catch rare fish worldwide then you are definitely on the right place because this is the right fishing game for you. Everything you need to get you started this game is a quick registration and adventure can begin. The goal is to advance as much as you can and to do mission, after the completion of the mission you will be awarded with certain amount of money with which you can buy in shop different and better fishing gear and much more.. During the game you will unlocked new cities, you will be able to participate in tournaments and much more. This fishing game is an online game that you play with and against players from all around the world. Enjoy playing this fishing adventure! Play unblocked fishao game free.


  • Use mouse to play.