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Fish Tales Deluxe

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How To Play:

Fish Tales Deluxe

Fish Tales Deluxe

You ever watch Fish Tale? Than trip in the ocean depths can begin. This funny animated game will bring you joy and good entertain. Enjoy the great effects of depth and beauty of the ocean, while devour everything in sight, just be careful, you have to eat only fish that are smaller than you Eat as many fish you can and you will be getting bigger and bigger. In each level you have a certain number and type of fish that you can eat In the course of your trip so I’ll eat a lot of fish to look at your teeth stay sharp and strong 😉 In your way through the ocean be careful not to be eaten of the bigger fish than you, who have big and sharp teeth ready to eat you in seconds. Enjoy your trip and have a great time!

instructions: Eat the fish smaller than yourself Avoid the fish bigger than yourself Eat enoth fish to grow up Use mouse to play

Game Category: Fish Games