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Fish Quest

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How To Play:

Fish Quest

Fish Quest

The task is at hand! Are you ready for the fish quest? Have you ever fished at night? This farmer needs your help to catch as many fish as at the end of the season and he has a little more time. Sit down in the boat and head for a quiet night fishing because fishing is the most fun at night because a lot of fish do not sleep and that is the perfect opportunity for you to have a good catch. You have a big, small, colorful, lazy and dangerous fish to catch in this game so have fun. And be careful not to be bite because some fish is like piranhas, have very sharp and strong teeth. Keep an eye on the time, save the bait, throw your fishing rod, enjoy the excellent effects of night fishing and have a good fun!

Instructions: Use right and left arrow key to move the boat forward and backward. Use up and down key to wheel in and out the Fishing Rod.

Game Category: Fish Games