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Fish Mania Game

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How To Play:

Fish Mania Game

Welcome to world of fishing! In the beginnig of this game create your nickname. Help the fisherman on the sandy beach to catch as many fish. Whatever you catches at sea you get something in: If you catch crab you get 100$ + time, if you catch teddy you get 5$ minus time and if you catch green panty you get 1$ minus time. You will enjoy this interesting game for kids and adults. At the beginning of the game before you start to fish note that what fish your fisherman wants to catch. The goal is to catch as many fish as quickly as possible to the time. A lot of things waiting to be hooked to the bottom of the sea to catch so take action and we wish you a good time and fun!

Instructions: Aim the wanted fish with mouse and click the left mouse button to get the fish.

Game Category: Fishing Games