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FBI Agent against the Thug

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How To Play:

FBI Agent against the Thug

We present you The FBI against the Thug! You are police officer who working for FBI. Choose your weapon and the game will start, you start with the small gun, later in the game
you can unlock a much more better and stronger weapons. Holding up neighborhood delis to hijacking large warehouses full of valuables. It’s your job to prove to everyone that your reputation doesn’t precede you and failure is no option!Be careful your enemies forces are great in numbers and will not hesitate in taking hostages and killing them.Be careful not to shoot civilians or you lose the game. Great graphics, animation, sound effects will blow your mind. Game is intended for all ages, especially for boys and people who love police games. We wish you fantastic fun and good adventure in this amazing police game!

Use left mouse click to shoot.
Spacebar or CTRL key to Reload
A,D-Left and right arrow or A, D keys to Move around
Down arrow or S keys to take cover.

Game Category: Cop Police Games