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Extreme Pamplona


About the game

Get ready for some serious running and parkour! In order to beat this game you need to run from various people and animals from all over the world while performing parkour tricks. You will run in Spain, Sweden, German, Swiss, England, Finnish and Russia. In Spain, you will be chasen by the dangerous and angry bull. You need to reach the end of the level without being catched by the angry and deadly bull! In the Germany you will be chasen by the girl with a beer in her hands. If she catches you she will made you to drink her beer until you die so run as fast as possible from this german girl! In the England you will be chased by policeman that will attack you with his bat if he catches you and also this level will be little tricky because you need to find the right way, if you make a mistake that can be your last mistake! In Russia you will be chased by the dangerous bloodthirsty bear that will rip you apart if he catches you.

Your main goal is to run from all of this people. Also run from animals and in order to do that you need to be as fast as possible. So, you must jump. Jump over various obstacles that will be in you way. In Germany obstacles will be barrels with the bear, in Spain it will be the people also running from the bull, in the England you will run on the construction site, on the unfinished building and so on. Prove how good parkour player you are in this challenging and exciting parkour game and beat the game!


Use arrow keys to run and jump.