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CS Portable Online


About the game

CS Portable is shooting game where you can test your shooting abilities. This game have many modes but the most popular is counter terrorist mode in which you choose the map on the server and wait for people to join and then action can begun in which your task is to eliminate the opposite team before time run out. Buy weapons at the start and go into action, aim for the head, play smart and have fun!

How to play

Choose the team with whom you want to play and start the game. You have three very powerful weapon, all weapons are specifically in their own way, the laser causes great damage but it is also harder to hit opponents with laser rifles, machine guns deal minor damage but frequently hit the target, and so on. The aim of the game is to beat the other team, eliminate them before they eliminate you, the arena in which you play defies gravity, which means that you can use the whole arena as your battleground, don’t forget to use shelters and pick up various booster for energy and other things. You play by choosing one of two teams that you want to play with, Counter or Terrorists, if you play in a team Counter your task is to stop terrorists and prevent them to plant the bomb, if terrorists manage to plant the bomb your mission is to deactivate it before the time runs out. If you play in a team of terrorists your task is to eliminate Counter team or to set the bomb and guard the site, if the bomb explodes before you eliminate the opposing team, you win the round. Before the start of each round you can buy many kinds of weapons that will be available to you if you have enough money, since each win round you will get a certain amount of money with which you buy stronger and better weapons. Be sure to hit your opponent in the head because you will have better chances to kill them from one bullet, use a barrier, throw grenades, create tactics with your team and much more that you can do in this Thunderstorm game!


Use W,A,S,D to move your character Use mouse button to shoot R-Reload Spacebar-Jump M-Select item. F11-full screen Hold Shift to slide F-Throw grenade

Play with your buddies compete with each other who is better in this challenging Cs portable game! Play with your friends or with players from all around the world!