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Bass Fishing Challenge

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How To Play:

Bass Fishing Challenge

Fishing fans in front of you is a real challenge, this game is an excellent choice for lovers of fishing games for real fishermans who like to compete and who love challenges.
Prepare your fishing rod and go to catch some fish!
To catch fish, you need to select the right bait and then to throw your bait on place that you think there is a fish and then waiting for the fish to bite, when the fish bite then the fight begin, your mission is to successfully remove the fish from the water.
For each level you have 5 minutes to catch a certain amount of fish, in the other levels your task will be to catch a certain type of fish or a number of specific types of fish.
Enjoy great atmosphere of lakes, rivers and wetlands where you can catch a different kinds of fish, relax and wait for the fish to bite. We wish you lots of luck and fun in this bass fishing challenge game!

Use mouse to throw a bait and to catch a fish.

Game Category: Fishing Games

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