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Action Super Fishing

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How To Play:

Action Super Fishing

Welcome to Amateur Action super fishing! So just sit back, pick out your favorite fishing cap, and get ready to earn lifetime bragging rights by catching the Big One! You gona love this game! Enjoy great music in the background, which is a haven for the ears and take action! Set quality you whant you have low, medium and high. Customize your John and begin. Sound, graphics and animation will delight you! The game is designed for all ages. This is a great game to learn to fish Enjoy, we wish you a great catch and a great time!

Instructions: You may cast your line anywhere within the enclosed are below your fisherman. Fish will cross from side to side and its your mission to nab’em. Not all fish will want to bite. Your choice of lure, its color and its price will appeal to fish differently. At a glance the color that encicrles the play are will rell you if any fish swimming by may be interested in your lure. Green means you’ve got a good chance. Red, not so much. Use mouse to play

Game Category: Fishing Games