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4th and Goal 2013


About The 4th and Goal 2013

As in previous parts of this american football game, new features are awaits you also in this 4th and Goal 2013 game. One of the new features is that now you can use W for speed boost which will change a game a lot and it will make it much better with more challenges! Choose the game mode you want to play. if you want to play Playoffs then you need to beat every opponent you find on the field in order to become a champion! As in previous parts you can set the time period of the game from 5,10 and 15 minutes and you can choose your team and the color for your team.

How To Play 4th and Goal 2013

Rules are the same, beat the opponent team by scoring more than them. When ball is in your hand you need to run towards your opponent field and reach the goal where you need to score. Run left and right in order to confuse your opponents and as always play as a team, pass the ball to your teammates and defend your goal. Use arrow keys to run in all direction over the field. Use A,S,D for action. Your task will be to take the ball, avoid the defenders from opposite team and score in their part of the field. Now you can use W for speed boost!


New feature, new options, new teams, new color there is so many new stuff that will delight you in this unblocked Return Man game! Try each of them, play Championship or play Playoffs. Play with your friends and compete with each other on who can become the best and win the first place in this sport. Have fun!